Care Instructions

Caring for your cloth diapers takes a little extra time, but YOU CAN do it! All you need is a few tools to help you. 

Our Recommendations

1. Diaper Sprayer

A diaper sprayer can quickly and efficiently rinse the diaper before it goes into the washing machine. 

2. SPRAY-PAL Shield 

This tool is extremely helpful, especially for the biggest messes! It blocks the water from the diaper sprayer and minimizes the mess. 


Our Home Routine


1. Dump solids in the toilet and rinse off with the diaper sprayer (If it’s a really big mess I use the Spray-Pal shield). It's easiest to place the diaper in a small pail in the bathroom until you're ready for the washing machine.

2. For us, wash day in the machine is about every two days. Do a cold rinse. I like to place a large towel in the machine with the diapers to help get a good level of water. 

3. Wash diapers with detergent in warm/ hot water (Fragrance free and no softeners!). I tried many different brands of detergent before I found what worked best for us.

4. Rinse in warm water.

5. Dry diapers in machine on a regular setting or line dry in the sun.